7 Reasons To Get A Facial

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April 16, 2023
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May 6, 2023

Few things feel quite as rejuvenating as a great facial, adding a little spring to your step as you put your best skin forward. If you’ve never had a facial or wonder if a facial treatment would be good for your skin, here are 7 reasons and options to consider.

1. Reduce Stress –

Even a quick Express Facial can do wonders to reduce stress while giving your skin a good deep cleansing. No matter how packed your schedule, making just a little time to care for yourself can make a big difference in how you feel overall.

2. Fight Aging –

Our busy lives take a toll on our skin, adding to signs of aging that can make us look older than we are. Our Anti-Aging Facial gives your skin the full compliment of treatments to revitalize your complexion.

3. Brighten Discolorations –

No matter how careful you are with applying sunscreen, sun damage can still happen from time to time, causing areas of discoloration on your skin. A Brightening Facial can help combat those discolorations with a lightening serum and brightening polish.

4. Combat Acne –

Acne not only impacts your skin, but also your confidence as you go about your daily life. The Clear Skin Facial focuses on exfoliating and refining your skin as well as performing any necessary extractions to beat the break-outs.

5. Remove Impurities –

A Deep Cleansing Facial is designed to cleanse the impurities from your skin and exfoliate to increase cell turn-over. Once the impurities are removed, the skin is better able to absorb proven treatments and infusions for a glowing complexion.

6. Resurface Skin –

Enzyme treatments and chemical peels go a step deeper than exfoliation, removing the old dull layer of skin to reveal a fresh new skin surface. Enzyme Facials use enzymes derived from fruit or floral sources, are gentler, and more appropriate for sensitive skin. A Chemical Exfoliate treatment uses stronger ingredients like glycolic or salicylic acid to remove the top layer of skin and expose the fresh skin beneath.

7. Lift Face –

Can a facial really help lift and tone the face? Yes! Our Belavi Facelift Facial uses special strokes and techniques to rejuvenate the face by increasing oxygen and blood flow, draining lymph fluids, and toning the muscles and skin of the face.

Whether your next facial with us is your very first one or your one hundredth, there are so many ways the right kind of facial can improve the look and feel of your skin. A great facial can combat aging, fight acne, tone down discolorations, or even give your whole face a little lift! And most of all, a great facial gives you the confidence of knowing you are putting your best face (and skin) forward!