Benefits of Massage Therapy

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June 16, 2022

“Benefits of Massage Therapy” When you think of massage, you may imagine a serene warm room with soothing music playing and your stress melting away and relaxation settling in throughout your body. While stress reduction and assisting with relaxation are definite benefits of massage, they aren’t the only benefits. Massage therapy is used in a variety of ways to treat musculoskeletal issues as well as prevent them.

Just a few of the ways massage therapy provides benefits beyond relaxation are:

– Prevent injuries by releasing muscle tension
– Flush swelling and fluid build up from joints
– Reduce pain and stiffness from overuse or injury
– Promote healing of injuries by increasing blood flow to affected areas
– Restore movement and mobility after injury or surgery
– Flush lactic acid and metabolic waste from muscles to reduce soreness

These are just a few of the vast number of ways massage promotes and enhances physical well-being and healing. For active adults, massage therapy can help keep you mobile and participating in your favorite recreations. For those who’ve experienced an injury, massage can help you heal faster and reduce pain and tension while your injury heals. And of course, massage therapy helps you unwind and relax no matter what your reason for visiting us might be.